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Our proficient fiction ghostwriters adopt a writing style that drives the readers away from reality into an enchanting world of fiction. We excel at producing fictitious content that builds an emotional relationship with the readers and connects with the characters and their soul-touching tales.


From fantasy to horror and everything in between, our adept writers are skilled in all. We have worked on 7500+ fiction books on different sub-genres. Our fiction ghostwriters' proficiently write on sub-genres including fantasy, mystery, historical, realistic, romance, science-fiction, suspense, thriller, Christian, and western.

Unmatched Writing Style

Whether your idea of a fiction story belongs to romance or the sci-fi sub-genre, we have you covered. Our unparalleled writing style allows us to stand out from the competition, making us the top choice of authors. All our writers need is your idea, and we will transform your idea into a page-turner.

Immaculate Content

If you are here to turn your brainchild into a well-versed fiction book, you are at the right spot. Penguin Book Writer is the hub for producing high quality content, free from all sorts of errors. We ensure that the content we deliver is unique, compelling, and engaging, with minimal errors.

Swift Turnaround

The fiction writers at Penguin Book Writer focus exclusively on the details while ensuring the fastest turnaround time. Our quick turnaround time does not stress the quality of the content. We ensure timely delivery of the work with the work excellence maintained.

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Penguin Book Writer is a prestigious ghostwriting service company that attempts to offer clients publishing and writing-related solutions. The business is made up of skilled and trained ghostwriters who offer a wide range of services, including creative writing and ghostwriting. They, therefore, provide efficient services that are reasonably priced for customers looking for writing-related solutions.

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A world of
Fiction Writing

Penguin Book Writer has a varied team of fiction ghostwriters to hire, each with their own favorites and an ability of for various different niches, unceasingly rising and building together with every single book that is added into our list of proud works of fiction.

We offer a modified experience by employing a devoted ghost to you with a talented past of skill in the sort, who is just as much keen as you are to make the fiction of your dreams. Together we create notable experiences not just for the author who hires our fiction ghostwriter, but for the readers as well.

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Penguin Book Writer's services include SEO writing, ghostwriting, book publishing, and video
book trailers, which are offered to clients.

Why Hire Us?

Academic Authors

There are many talented authors here at our company who all love to write. Many hold degrees in a variety of fields, including interventionists, CPAs, PhDs, finance, medical, engineering, and more.

No limit on modifications

We have simplified the difficult book creation procedure. The next step is to decide whether to change your mind about a chapter or the character's growth, or whether to write the tale backward. We offer an infinite number of modifications to guarantee the final result meets your requirements.

Adaptive Stories

Penguin Book Writer hire only the top storytellers and competent subject-matter specialists for ghostwriting, resulting in only the greatest fiction and non-fiction. Our writers have a honed skill for telling stories truthfully that is unmatched.

Continuous Help

On all days other than Sunday, a member of our support team is available to answer your call or discuss your issues with you in person. They will deliver your message to the writer, editor, or any persons you need to contact as soon as possible.

What Is the Process at Penguin Book Writer?

A group of talented, knowledgeable, and skilled ghostwriters engages with us on projects. To produce the best material possible, our writers practice basic principles.

  • 01

    Research and Drafting Outline.

    Once the study is finished, the first step is to create a concept scheme.

  • 02

    Writing a unique article in response to an idea.

    Once the concept is ready for the material to be written, the ghostwriter will begin the process.

  • 03

    Modifying, detailed evaluation, and proofreading.

    Once the manuscript is approved by the client after the manuscript has gone through proofreading, writing, and editing, the format is done exclusively.

  • 04

    Creating, structuring, and printing only.

    The format is completed solely after the customer has authorized the document following its proofreading, authoring, and editing stages.

  • 05

    Promotions, Publishing,
    Branding, And Marketing.

    Once the manuscript is finalized, the eBook gets published after it is published according to the format.

What Our Clients Say About Us.

What Our Customers Have to Say Penguin Numerous services, such as SEO writing, ghostwriting, book publishing, and video book trailers, are offered to clients by GhostWriting.

Amazing results and excellent service Working on my fiction piece with them was a great experience. From the book's topic until its release, everything was on point.

John Stock

I'm appreciative to my friend for recommending Penguin Book Writer to me. Their knowledgeable staff took the time to understand the concept and paid special attention to detail when producing my book.

Austin White

I'm quite happy with how my Wikipedia entry was updated. My Wikipedia page has suffered since my manager left, but Penguin Book Writer did a great job of sprucing it up. My consultant Grace is a lovely woman who runs everything with professionalism. I'm grateful.

Thomas Walder

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