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We have committed and professional non-fiction book ghostwriters on our team that strive to offer mesmerizing writing styles.

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Our non-fiction book ghostwriters never fail to amaze the booklovers with attention-grabbing writing techniques. We have a unique writing style, and our writers specialize in creating non-fiction content that always captivates the audience.

Exceptional Storytelling

Non-fiction writing is all about conveying the story in a way that evokes a powerful emotional response. Our writers depict the incidents in such detail that the readers feel like a part of the story. We know how to play with words beautifully to impress the readers, keeping them hitched till the end.

Captivating Tone

Do you have a story in your mind but lack writing skills? Well, in that case, you are at the right place. The non-fiction writers at Penguin Book Writers are specialized in conveying stories through captivating writing pieces. We know how to create magical content that leaves the reader wanting more.


Penguin Book Writer has a squad of professional non fiction ghostwriters specializing in writing on various sub-genres. Our writers craft spellbinding book content for kids and adults, including biographies, literary, narrative, historical, Christian, self-help, and more.

Promising Outcomes

Working with us, you do not need worry about the content quality and the delivery. Our non fiction book writers ensure a swift turnaround time while maintaining content excellence. We leave no stone unturned when it comes to delivering top-notch fiction writing services to our esteemed clients.

An Excellent Platform for Ghostwriting Services.

Penguin Book Writer is a prestigious ghostwriting service company that attempts to offer clients publishing and writing-related solutions. The business is made up of skilled and trained ghostwriters who offer a wide range of services, including creative writing and ghostwriting. They, therefore, provide efficient services that are reasonably priced for customers looking for writing-related solutions.

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Non-Fiction Writing

Non-fiction writing involves real places, people, and events which is equivalent to high-quality research. Penguin Book Writer consist of incredible minds in the team who understand the technicalities of the category. They understand the genre inside out, enabling our consumers to have top-notch non-fiction plots. Whether you are aiming to publish your autobiography, want to generate a biography, a self-help guide book, or want help with a manuscript on historical literature – this and more. Our excellent ghostwriters get you covered. Our style of work is simple and smooth, making us the favorite of many. We note the objectives of customers & assist them in creating an idea to work on. Following the previous steps, our ghostwriters initiate the task. They also keep clients in the loop constantly in order to gather insights.

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Penguin Book Writer's services include SEO writing, ghostwriting, book publishing, and video
book trailers, which are offered to clients.

Why Hire Us?

Academic Authors

There are many talented authors here at our company who all love to write. Many hold degrees in a variety of fields, including interventionists, CPAs, PhDs, finance, medical, engineering, and more.

No limit on modifications

We have simplified the difficult book creation procedure. The next step is to decide whether to change your mind about a chapter or the character's growth, or whether to write the tale backward. We offer an infinite number of modifications to guarantee the final result meets your requirements.

Adaptive Stories

Penguin Book Writer hire only the top storytellers and competent subject-matter specialists for ghostwriting, resulting in only the greatest fiction and non-fiction. Our writers have a honed skill for telling stories truthfully that is unmatched.

Continuous Help

On all days other than Sunday, a member of our support team is available to answer your call or discuss your issues with you in person. They will deliver your message to the writer, editor, or any persons you need to contact as soon as possible.

What Is the Process at Penguin Book Writer?

A group of talented, knowledgeable, and skilled ghostwriters engages with us on projects. To produce the best material possible, our writers practice basic principles.

  • 01

    Research and Drafting Outline.

    Once the study is finished, the first step is to create a concept scheme.

  • 02

    Writing a unique article in response to an idea.

    Once the concept is ready for the material to be written, the ghostwriter will begin the process.

  • 03

    Modifying, detailed evaluation, and proofreading.

    Once the manuscript is approved by the client after the manuscript has gone through proofreading, writing, and editing, the format is done exclusively.

  • 04

    Creating, structuring, and printing only.

    The format is completed solely after the customer has authorized the document following its proofreading, authoring, and editing stages.

  • 05

    Promotions, Publishing,
    Branding, And Marketing.

    Once the manuscript is finalized, the eBook gets published after it is published according to the format.

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What Our Customers Have to Say Penguin Numerous services, such as SEO writing, ghostwriting, book publishing, and video book trailers, are offered to clients by GhostWriting.

Amazing results and excellent service Working on my fiction piece with them was a great experience. From the book's topic until its release, everything was on point.

John Stock

I'm appreciative to my friend for recommending Penguin Book Writer to me. Their knowledgeable staff took the time to understand the concept and paid special attention to detail when producing my book.

Austin White

I'm quite happy with how my Wikipedia entry was updated. My Wikipedia page has suffered since my manager left, but Penguin Book Writer did a great job of sprucing it up. My consultant Grace is a lovely woman who runs everything with professionalism. I'm grateful.

Thomas Walder

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